Polygiene Twin Pack 2x 100ml Twin Pack


✓ Kills Viruses

✓ Kills Bacteria

✓ Kills Fungi

✓ Effective on odour-causing bacteria

✓ Environmentally friendly

✓ SAFE on sensitive skin

Polygiene is safe and effective on the following items and more :

✓ Kitchen Surfaces
✓ Taps & Sanitary Fixtures
✓ Electrical Switches
✓ Hand Rails & Door Knobs
✓ Hospital & Healthcare Equipment
✓ Floors
✓ Furniture
✓ Airplane Seats & Tray Tables
✓  Natural Fibre Clothing
✓ Synthetic Fibre Textiles
✓ Leather
✓ Shoes & Socks
✓ Sport Apparel
✓ Gloves & Beanies
✓ Backpacks & Outdoor Gear
✓ Body Armour
✓ Wetsuits
✓ Helmets
✓ Car Seats
✓ Cushions & Pillows
✓ Bed Linen & Towels
✓ Underwear
✓ Suit Linings
✓ Luggage
✓ All Cottons Synthetics & Natural fibres
✓ Gym clothing
✓ Tea Towels
✓ Socks
✓ Business Attire
✓ Curtains
✓ Doonas & Duvets
✓ Blankets
✓ Pillow Cases
✓ and many many more

Polygiene Spray

Polygiene is easy to apply, dries quickly and immediately provides durable protection.

Household Surfaces

To protect household surfaces, simply wipe clean the surface as normal, shake the bottle well and apply a light spray of Polygiene and allow to dry naturally.

Frequently touched surfaces should be re-treated with Polygiene every few days to maintain a strong antimicrobial effect.


Mould infected surfaces

Wipe or spray mouldy surface with white vinegar and allow to dry. Spray a liberal amount of Polygiene onto the treated mould to inhibit regrowth.


Garments, Footwear & Textiles

It is recommended that all items be treated when brand new for optimum results.

For items which have been used, it is recommended they be washed / wiped clean before applying the spray.

Shake the bottle well and hold upright to spray from a distance to deliver a continuous mist just enough to lightly dampen the surface.  Do not saturate

Allow to dry overnight before use.

For garments that already have bad odour, repeat the treatment once more, two days apart.

Depending on how often the gear is used, it may be necessary for you to re-spray all items every three to four weeks to maintain odour free protection for your gear at all times.


Polygiene Wash-in

Shake the bottle very well before application.

For every 5.5 kg of clothing, fabrics and/or textiles, mix 50 mls of the Polygiene Wash-in with 50 mls of warm water

Simply add the Polygiene / warm water solution to your washing machine’s fabric softener dispenser.

After the spin cycle is completed, hang treated items to dry as usual.

Once treated, you can use and wash the treated items by normal laundering for 6 to 8 times before you need to repeat the treatment.

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