Polygiene Antibacterial Laundry Detergent & Washing Powder Sanitiser

Polygiene antibacterial laundry detergent and fabric cleaner is designed to keep your washables not just smelling fresh, but also protected from harmful bacteria, mould and other pathogens. Using a laundry sanitiser and antifungal washing powder will not damage your washables and protects them, keeping them hygienically clean. Polygiene odor control is an excellent antimicrobial cleaner, is as easy to use as a traditional washing powder and can even be used in a front load washing machine.

✓ Long lasting Polygiene remains effective up to 8 full washes

✓ Kills Viruses

✓ Kills Bacteria

✓ Kills Fungi

✓ Effective on odour-causing bacteria

✓ Environmentally friendly

✓ SAFE on sensitive skin

Polygiene is safe and effective on the following items and more :

✓ All Cottons Synthetics & Natural fibres
✓ Gym clothing
✓ Bed Linens
✓ Bath Towels
✓ Tea Towels
✓ Socks
✓ Business Attire
✓ Curtains
✓ Doonas & Duvets
✓ Blankets
✓ Pillow Cases
✓ and many many more

Shake the bottle very well before application.

For every 5.5 kg of clothing, fabrics and/or textiles, mix 50 mls of the Polygiene Wash-in with 50 mls of warm water.

Simply add the Polygiene / warm water solution to your washing machine’s fabric softener dispenser.

After the spin cycle is completed, hang treated items to dry as usual.

Once treated, you can use and wash the treated items by normal laundering for 6 to 8 times before you need to repeat the treatment.

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Polygiene Odor Control And Antifungal Clothes Wash

GAM Solutions provides top quality antifungal clothes wash that makes keeping your washing free of unwanted bacteria easy. It’s as simple as adding polygiene odor control into your washing machine along with your regular detergent and proceeding as usual. This antibacterial cleanser and anti fungal wash will effectively sanitise the load and keep your clothing bacteria and fungus free for six to eight washes.

Natural Laundry Disinfectant & Antibacterial Cleaner For The Active Person

If you live an active life and are an avid gym user, a natural laundry disinfectant will make your life a lot easier. Gyms are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria and fungal infections such as staph and and athletes foot. Adding an antibacterial cleaner to your regular washing will help make sure that you don’t bring those unwanted guests back home with you.

Antibacterial Washing Powder Additive And Clothes Disinfectant For Restaurant Uniforms

Restaurants are another place where bacteria just loves to live. All of the ingredients necessary for it to thrive are readily available and the heat in the kitchen makes for the perfect breeding ground. Polygiene antibacterial washing powder additive will make sure that your employee’s uniforms come out not only clean, but fully sterilised. Using a clothes disinfectant will kill odor causing bacteria and make sure your staff aren’t accidentally spreading pathogens in the kitchen and on to your customers. Cleaning and disinfecting your employee uniforms is as easy as adding Polygiene antibacterial clothes wash in with your typical laundry detergent. Your uniforms will be clean, bacteria and fungal free for up to eight washes - making this product very efficient and affordable.

Antibacterial Laundry Detergent - Australia

Those who love the outdoors and working up a sweat can really benefit from the use of an antibacterial laundry detergent. Australia is home to some great outdoor activities and when you are active, you attract odor causing bacteria that can live in your clothes longer than you may think. Instead of adding something like white vinegar as a washing powder alternative, which isn’t that effective, adding Polygiene antifungal wash for clothes will be much more effective at eliminating unwanted pathogens. This antibacterial cleanser is added in with your regular detergent, so you will still get the benefits of the clothes disinfectant without changing your current routine.

Antifungal Washing Powder Additive That Also Kills Mould & Protects Clothes For Up To 8 Washes

Mould can be very difficult to kill once your clothes or bed sheets have been affected by it. It can easily destroy your favourite shirt or pants if left unchecked. Polygiene antifungal washing powder additive is an easy to use answer to a mould problem. Since this works in conjunction with the laundry detergent you currently use, it's as easy as pouring it in and starting the wash cycle as usual. Not only will it effectively kill any mould, but also other pathogens such as harmful bacteria and keep your clothes hygienically clean for up to 8 washes after use. This makes it not only effective and easy, but affordable compared to other methods on the market.

Antimicrobial Cleaner As An Addition To Your Regular Fabric Cleaner

Polygiene Odor Control is much more than just an antimicrobial cleaner. It's also a proficient antibacterial and antibacterial laundry detergent additive with long lasting effects that can be used in your front load washing machine and won't cause any damage to your washer drum. With Polygiene antifungal clothes wash you can get rid of that lingering odor while also safely cleaning and disinfecting your load of laundry at the same time. No need for difficult sprays or powders added after the wash, just throw it in, start the cycle and go on with your day.

What is a laundry sanitiser?

Laundry sanitiser comes in several forms. There are spray-on clothes disinfectant products which are applied after your washing as well as antifungal washing powder additives such as Polygiene which can be included in your general washing. There are several pathogens including staphylococcus and athlete's foot that can become a major problem in environments such as gyms, public pools and bath houses.

What kills germs in laundry?

Laundry sanitiser can be added into your washing along with your regular fabric cleaner. Germ is a broad term and there are different products that can be used to eradicate specific pathogens like bacteria or fungus and others that are effective against a wide range of germs. For example, to help mitigate a problem with athletes foot you would want to use an antifungal clothes wash or additive such as Polygiene Odor Control.

What is the best antibacterial laundry detergent?

Antibacterial cleaner and antimicrobial cleaner garner the best results as an additive to your regular detergent. Polygiene laundry sanitiser is effective against a large number of pathogens when added to your favourite washing powder. It’s use of ionic silver as a natural laundry disinfectant sets it apart from other products.

What is the best laundry sanitizer?

This largely depends on whether you are applying a laundry sanitizer to your clothing after it has been washed or using a laundry disinfectant as an addition to your regular detergent. Polygiene laundry sanitiser is widely considered to be the best antibacterial laundry detergent additive on the market. They also offer an antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal all in one spray that even kills mould on contact. This product can also be used as a surface and upholstery cleaner.

What is a natural disinfectant for laundry?

Polygiene clothes disinfectant utilises ionic silver as the main sanitising agent. This natural laundry disinfectant is an effective antibacterial washing powder additive that doubles as an antimicrobial cleaner.

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